Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who cried wolf

The hysteria points that Greider wrote about in this article are dead on. But his best point is how conflict in politics has brought the Blues and the Reds together and thats how America works. The only issues that they have in common are those they oppose the president on. Bush is definitely in 'damage control' now.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ports Deal- Part II

No one wants an Arab nation to be managing our ports and it seems as congress is finally becoming the ones who are telling Bush simply "NO." Most , if not all, of the containers at these ports come from forgein countries in the first place but are moved by American-run companies. This company is based in Dubai and I don't care how clean the company may be, the origins of the corporation will give terrorist a small advantage.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Neo-Nazi Rally

Freedom of speech and belief is what America is all about and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But these racist Neo-Nazis were allowed to march through a predominantly black neighborhood and somehow none of them were of the 17 arrested. For those who give out the permit for such a rally are ignorant. Why would a judge or village official approve for a rally like this? It's not the speech issue, just location. Just tell them to march somewhere else, if you don't want violence then don't mix up all the necessary ingredients for it.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ports Deal

Why in the world can we not operate these ports ourselves? It makes no sense that we would have to turn to a foreign nation to manage our ports. These ports are on our soil, yet we can't run them and some Middle Eastern corporation will instead. There are able Americans that probably live down the street from these ports but Bush is still trying to make nice with the rest of the world first before he pleases Americans. It just makes no sense other than dollar sense. $6.8 billion!! Hard to turn down. As long as these guys are watched like a hawk then I guess the Bush Administration will be glad to take their money.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Iraq Civil War

It seems that Iraq is really a bomb ready to explode. The Shiites and the Sunnis are clearly on two different ends of the spectrum the same as the North and South was during the American civil war. The difference is these two groups in Iraq are seperated by 1oo's of years of religious beliefs and cultural practices. For now, the U.S. military precence has done enough to quell a all-out civil war but the future is not looking good. THe only thing that kept them from battling all these years was the regime of Saddam Hussien. Now that he's done for and the U.S. is getting closer and closer to full withdrawal, it would be no suprise that civil war would erupt in a matter of a year. Or event the same day America fully withdrawals. With no central leader and no controlling government, the Bush Administration is kidding themselves if they think Iraq will be united in the near future. Just like the Forefathers before us, it will take the victory of one group to unite the country of Iraq.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bin Laden Vows not to be Taken Alive..

OK these tapes that supposively come from bin Laden keep showing up and yet you would figure maybe the CIA would try to trace it origins. These tapes probably offer a weak connection to bin Laden. No way they would lead right to him but the tape has to come from somewhere he was. This Al-Jazeera network isn't helping anyone, they just air the tapes. The global media should pressure them to help in some way. Their excuse is that these tapes just get dropped off. Give me a break, the U.S. should put a Navy SEAL out front and follow the messenger. bin Laden said he won't be taken alive? So what, Americans only want his head.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mounting Concern Over Afghanistan.....

From Yahoo!

Afghanistan has taken a back seat to the conflict in Iraq. The Bush administration has been sure to focus all press on the war in Iraq and only to report on casualties that happen in Afghanistan. The country has no central structure that is loyal and corruption in rampant. The bigger issue is that Afghanistan is where the entire 9/11 mess originated from. On more than one occasion, U.S. special forces had opportunities to capture or kill bin Laden. A greater intelligence presence in Afghanistan is needed long term in order to remain as close as possible to where bin Laden is speculated to be hiding. The remote regions that border Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In it till the end

From yahoo!

Anti-Americanism is so high at this point that we are being blamed for incidents that could have less to do with us. This cartoon does come from France and to my recollection Americans don't hold much favor towards the French. Nevertheless, Middle Easterners look to us because we are being 'put on the spot' in regards to all the controversy in that region due to our war against terror. Tensions must be calmed and exiting Iraq in the correct fashion would be a great first step in gaining back supporters in the Middle East.

Wounded soldier.....

From AOL.com
A defense department the has recently requested $439 billion for the war has charged this former soldier $700 for a vest covered in his own blood? He's being held responsible for it even though it was taken off of him to save his life. Make no mistake about it, this man served his coutry in the bravest way and was wounded, but there are no excuses in this administration. You break it, you buy it.