Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cut Some Slack

Dean slams Bush and republicans

Harsh words from Senator Dean here implying Republicans have brought a culture of corruption to Washington. Politicians and politics brings corruption to everywhere it goes. Both parties are corruption, the Democrats are have a mellow image but their just as willing as the rest to take kick-backs and whatnot.

The thing is the criticism over Katrina isn't warranted since no president and no government could've been prepared for such a natural disaster. Look at all the deadliest natural disasters that have occurred in America over time, every one was devastating and the relief and rebuilding took time. The fact that we live in a new technological age where word travels fast doesn't make it easier to suddenly place hundreds of thousands left homeless into normal environments. There's going to chaos, there's going to be confusion, there's going to be violence. No one person can stop it or make it suddenly better, recovery takes time and everyone is looking for the quick fix.


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