Monday, May 08, 2006

US airstrike crosses over Pakistan border

Pakistan is our ally and a very, very important one at that. Pakistan is our ally that is harboring some of the top leaders of the two terrorist organizations American's fear most, al- Qaeda and the Taliban. Like most, I lump those two groups together as one group of fanatics whose cause can never be won. The US Military must show we are more than willing to strike anywhere and anytime at anyone who may threaten the homeland or our forces. The Pakistan region where these terrorist are hiding is an ancient region that the government cannot walk into without causing an uproar. But the Bush administration has to work on that land in some capacity as it is the one place in the region where our enemy may be hiding in vast numbers. Above all, bin Laden himself very well may be there. It's the score Bush has been waiting for. Whether he takes it remains to be seen.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

War Bill Reaches $109 Billion

A senate vote raised the proposed bill from $94.5 billion to $109 billion even though President Bush has promised to veto anything over the original price tag. The whole process can be confusing as money from other projects is being taken away to fund new ones like the crisis in Darfur. The Senate and the President are going back and forth throwing around millions of dollars wherever it may be needed. Money needed to help sugar companies in Hawaii, money needed to repair the Gulf coast, and more money needed to spruce up port security. The problems are endless and thank the Lord that we are one of the riches nations there ever will be otherwise everything would fall apart without $100 billion spending bills from the government. Thank the forefathers for the democracy that we live in.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Illegals = No Burritos

They're going to take away our burritos? If these illegals leave then we are all going to be stuck with Taco Bell. On the other hand, these protesters seem to be at peace with their place in our society. Some other signs read, " Who will pick your tomatoes?" and things of that nature. The immigrants know their place in America is to do the jobs that white people have too much pride for. They know their place and they just want to stay. As long as I can go down the street and grab a burrito, then I'm happy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Article on Iraq protest tells story of everyday hurt

Women rising to the occasion in Iraq to demand better protection. Good to know. Reading on....two men emerge from Green Zone to record their concerns. Even better. Reading on... countless bullet-riddled bodies found all over Iraq. My God. The killing just does not stop. This is the result of attacking a nation that holds violence dear to its heart. Absolute bloodshed. Terrorist groups have come out and spoken against the inhuman tactics of al Qaida but here no one is against this. It's not America, it's not Bush, it's those people in Iraq who have gotten a taste for killing and love it. What Iraq presents to these killers is nothing other than an opportunity. There is no central establishment and murders, crimes of all sorts go unsolved. U.S. Military presence or not the peaceful ending to this time is far from happening.