Monday, May 01, 2006

Article on Iraq protest tells story of everyday hurt

Women rising to the occasion in Iraq to demand better protection. Good to know. Reading on....two men emerge from Green Zone to record their concerns. Even better. Reading on... countless bullet-riddled bodies found all over Iraq. My God. The killing just does not stop. This is the result of attacking a nation that holds violence dear to its heart. Absolute bloodshed. Terrorist groups have come out and spoken against the inhuman tactics of al Qaida but here no one is against this. It's not America, it's not Bush, it's those people in Iraq who have gotten a taste for killing and love it. What Iraq presents to these killers is nothing other than an opportunity. There is no central establishment and murders, crimes of all sorts go unsolved. U.S. Military presence or not the peaceful ending to this time is far from happening.


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